Operator Kit

Operator Kit

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The Operator Kit builds upon the Reconnaissance Kit and adds in Rig Plate Bags, Scout Pouch Flap kits, additional accessories for managing Comms and Radio equipment, organizing SERE and signaling tools. 

This mission set kit includes:


1 Stout SCOUT V2 - Squadron


1 Front Rig Plate Bag (Size is 10x12 SAPI) 

1 Rear Rig Plate Bag w/ laser cut MOLLE (Size is 10x12 SAPI) 

1 Reinforced H-Harness 

1 Back Strap 

1 Elastic Back Strap

1 Triple 5.56 Magazine w/ Retention Insert 

2 Double 5.56 Magazine w/ Retention Inserts 


2 Scout Pouches (not pictured)

2 Scout Pouch Flap Kits (not pictured)

Scout Close-It-Up Kit

4 Comm Strap Wraps (not pictured)

1 Tactical Display Mount



Made in the USA w/US Sourced Materials (Berry Compliant) 



*Rig Plate Bags will fit a SAPI Medium (9.5” x 12.5”) 10 x 12 SAPI, and up to a Large SAPI (10.25” x 13.25”) with a snugger fit. 


The rear plate bags also fit best on men who are at least 5’ 11” and taller. Shorter men will have issues with proper fitment and the plate bags riding too low. 


Lead times - Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for these to be built and shipped out as they contain a lot of items that we build in batches and pull from inventory to make this shopping experience convenient for you.